shwarma playing live at cervantes
  • Pieter Montoulieu
  • Jackson Kaufman
  • Steve Sanchez
  • Kevin Schultz
  • Will Trafas

Out from the depths of Denver’s music scene comes the 5-piece kebab-rock monstrosity that is shwarma.

Creating music since 2017, they have released 3 albums and 2 EPs, with a third currently in production.

The shwarmth brings many styles of music to the table and is known for switching genres and time signatures on the fly. They’ve been playing the Denver metro area for years and are planning a tour for early 2023.

Music Releases

  • Kebab


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  • Loveworthy Live EP


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  • Emily's Aparments


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  • The Briny Deep


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  • Angular EP


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