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shwarma is an experimental psychedelic and progressive rock band hailing from Denver, Colorado.

Born out of a desire to play whatever style we feel like trying, and always with an appreciation for the greats that have inspired us.


  • Pieter Montoulieu guitar, vocals
  • Jackson Kaufman guitar, vocals
  • Steve Sanchez drums, backing vocals
  • Dalton Groves keys, backing vocals
  • Kevin Schultz bass, backing vocals

Music Releases

  • Loveworthy Live EP


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  • Emily's Aparments


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  • The Briny Deep


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  • Angular EP


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Latest Livestream

The album release livestream for shwarma's second album, Emily's Aparments.

Filled with choice cuts from the album as well as many mysterious happenings like Jackson finding out he has a son, bassmaster Kevin getting abducted by aliens while taking a piss, and Steve's ticking time bomb drumset thats set to blow when the beat stops.

Filmed live at Turbo Snail during the summer of 2020